How to cancel your Capcut Subscriptions?

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In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to cancel your Capcut subscription.

1. Open Play Store

Open the Play Store from your Android mobile.

2. Tap on Profile Icon

Tap on your Profile Icon.

3. Select “Payments and Subscriptions”

Select “Payments and subscriptions”.

4. Select “Subscriptions”

Select “subscriptions” under Payments and subscriptions

5. Select “Capcut”

Now, scroll down and select the Capcut account from your list of subscriptions app.

5. Cancel Capcut Subscriptions

Select Cancel Subscriptions.

6. Confirm Cancellation

Finally, you reached the last steps and confirmed your canceled subscription Capcut by clicking the Confirm button as shown in the image below.

That’s it. You have successfully canceled your Capcut Subscriptions.

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