How to transfer WhatsApp from one device to another device on Android Phone?

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to transfer your WhatsApp Application from one device to another device on your Android phone.

Download and Install WhatsApp

  1. Tap Google Play Store on your new mobile

2. Search “WhatsApp Messenger” on the search icon and tap the install button to install on your device.

3. After installing it successfully, you will see a button “open”. Tap on the open button to open your newly installed WhatsApp Application.

4. It will ask you to select your language first. Select your preferred language and click next.

5. Next, read WhatsApp’s “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Service”, and, tap on “Agree and Continue”

6. Now, choose your country, and enter your phone number. After you have done this tap on the next button.

7. Now, you will get your verification on your old mobile phone. Check your 6-digit verification code in your old mobile and enter it here to verify it is actually you, and that you are transferring your WhatsApp to a new device.

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That’s it. Now, you have successfully transferred your WhatsApp to a new device.

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