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What is CSS?
CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets which helps to style the layout of our website and its appearance. CSS can ...
How do I create shortcut keys in CamStudio?
If you are reading this blog, that means you have recently installed CamStudio and find it a bit awkward to ...
How to hide Categories & Tag links in WordPress?
Is your website showing lots of tags, and you want to hide it? There are basically two ways to do: ...
integrate Wordpress Subscribe form & Mailchimp
How to integrate WordPress Subscribe form & Mailchimp?
You maybe wonder how can you integrate the WordPress subscribe form & Mailchimp? You may want your website subscriber added ...
display number of post
How to display number of post within categories in Front-end?
Here, I will show you how can you display number of post within categories in your WordPress site. Sometimes, a ...
display Custom Ads
How to display Custom Ads in WordPress site?
This tutorial shows you how to create your own custom ads. and display it on your own website, blog, pages ...
add google analytic in WordPress
How to add google analytic in WordPress without a Plugin?
Adding google analytic in Wordpress without a plugin is very simple step. Just follow the following mentioned steps: Step 1 ...
Samsung Galaxy Note II
Samsung Galaxy Note II USB debbuging is not appearing?
Is your Samsung galaxy note II USB debugging not appearing and do you have a problem enabling/disabling your USB mode? ...

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