HTML Favicon

Definition: A favicon is a small icon displayed next to your page title in your browser. You can use any … Continue reading “HTML Favicon”

HTML Links

The HTML links are also known as HTML hyperlinks, which are used to direct to another document upon clicking on … Continue reading “HTML Links”

HTML Colors

In this tutorial, you will learn mostly used HTML colors in your web pages. The HTML colors are used to … Continue reading “HTML Colors”

HTML Quotations

The HTML quotations element are used to insert quotation texts on your web pages. The HTML quotations apply text looks … Continue reading “HTML Quotations”

HTML Comments

HTML comments are ignored by the browser while displaying your web pages. It is good practice to add comments to … Continue reading “HTML Comments”

HTML Formatting

When you write content, you need some text to look more special than other text like bold, italic, underlining, and … Continue reading “HTML Formatting”

HTML Styles

Syntax: Here, The property is a CSS property and the value is a CSS value. Code: Output: 3 ways of … Continue reading “HTML Styles”

HTML Paragraph

Syntax: Code: Output: Browser Display: As already mentioned above, the <p> tag adds a space before and after a paragraph, … Continue reading “HTML Paragraph”

HTML Headings

HTML headings are titles and sub-titles that you use in your web pages. There are 6 styles of HTML headings … Continue reading “HTML Headings”

HTML Attributes

Here, <p> is a HTML tag. The name is the property that you want to set. Let’s use an align … Continue reading “HTML Attributes”

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