CSS Font Google

Definition: CSS font-google is used to make the web more beautiful and fast. If you want to use google font, … Continue reading “CSS Font Google”

CSS Font Kerning

Definition: CSS font-kerning is used to define the space between letters. Syntax: Property Value: Property Value Description 1. auto This … Continue reading “CSS Font Kerning”

CSS Font Weight

Definition: CSS font-weight is used to set the boldness of the font. Its property values are normal, bold, bolder, lighter, … Continue reading “CSS Font Weight”

CSS Font Variant

Definition: CSS font-variant is used to convert the text into lowercase or uppercase using CSS font-variant property value. Syntax: Property … Continue reading “CSS Font Variant”

CSS Font Stretch

Definition: CSS font-stretch property is used to stretch the text wider or narrower. Note: If the selected font doesn’t offer … Continue reading “CSS Font Stretch”

CSS Font Style

Definition: CSS font-style is used to style the text. It can be normal, italic and oblique. Syntax: Property Value: 1. … Continue reading “CSS Font Style”

CSS Font Size

Definition: CSS Font size is used to set the font size of your browser. The default text size in the … Continue reading “CSS Font Size”

CSS Font Family

Definition: There are two types of CSS Font Family i.e, generic family and font family. The Generic family like “Serif” … Continue reading “CSS Font Family”

CSS Font (All Properties)

Definition: CSS font properties define the font family, style, size, and weight of a text. It is a shorthand for … Continue reading “CSS Font (All Properties)”

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