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CSS links indicate that the blue color text has a link that opens another page upon clicking on it. The link text can be styled in different states such as:

  1. link – normal, unvisited link
  2. visited – already visited the link
  3. hover – link on mouse over it
  4. active – a link that is just clicked

Source Code:

<!DOCTYPE html>

.css-links:link {
  color: blue; /*unvisited link*/

.css-links:visited {
  color: green; /*visited link*/

.css-links:hover {
  color: red; /*mouse over link*/

.css-links:active {
  color: orange; /*selected link*/

<p><b><a class = "css-links" href="https://www.elsebazaar.com/blog/css-tutorial/" target="_blank">Put your mouse over to check on different link states</a></b>


Put your mouse over to check on different link states

Output Sample

unvisited link
visited link
mouse over it
selected link

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