CSS Comments

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  • CSS Comments are used to comment on certain parts that don’t function and show on the front page.
  • CSS Comments are used to explain the code. It helps a developer to understand the other’s written code easily.
  • CSS Comments start with “/*” and end with “*/”. Anything in these comments will be ignored by the browser.


/* This is my single line comment. */

/*This is a 
multiline comments.*/

Source Code

<!DOCTYPE html>
/*This is single line comment.*/

/*This is multi-line comment.
 This is multi-line comment.*/
<h3>CSS Comments. </h3>
<h3 class="paragraph1"><center>This is my first paragraph.<br/> </center></h3>
<h3 class="paragraph2"><center>This is my second paragraph.<br/> </center></h3>
<p>Here you can see the comments are not shown, which is simply ignored by browser.</p>


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