CSS text line-height

Definition: CSS text line-height specifies the height of the text. It is used to set the distance between vertical lines … Continue reading “CSS text line-height”

CSS text-direction

Definition: CSS text-direction specifies the direction of the text. The default value is left to right, but the text can … Continue reading “CSS text-direction”

CSS text-underline-position

Definition: CSS text-underline-position specifies the placement of the underline on links or on the text. See the below property values … Continue reading “CSS text-underline-position”

CSS text-size-adjustment

Definition: CSS text-size-adjustment specifies your browser to resize the text when the page is zoomed in and out according to … Continue reading “CSS text-size-adjustment”

CSS text-rendering

Definition: CSS text-rendering provides information to your browser to optimize for when text rendering. Property Values: Property Value Description auto … Continue reading “CSS text-rendering”

CSS text-overflow

Definition: CSS text-overflow specifies the hidden content that is signaled to users. The default text-overflow value is the clip. Its … Continue reading “CSS text-overflow”

CSS text-orientation

Definition: CSS text-orientation applies the orientation of the characters when the characters are only in vertical mode. It uses to … Continue reading “CSS text-orientation”

CSS text-combine-upright

Definition: CSS text-combine-upright property applies the combination of characters in the space of a single character. To understand clearly, you … Continue reading “CSS text-combine-upright”

CSS text-shadow

Definition: The CSS text-shadow property is used to set the shadow behind the text. The shadow can be shown vertically, … Continue reading “CSS text-shadow”

CSS text-spacing

Definition: CSS text-spacing property is used to set the space between characters in a text. Text spacing can be decreased … Continue reading “CSS text-spacing”

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