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Are you facing a “Gradle distribution” error while working on your Android project and you don’t know how to fix it?

Don’t worry, you have landed on the right website. Here, I am going to show the solution how to overcome this error.

There are different ways to solve your error. Try the below procedures:

1) Invalidate Caches/Restart

Sometimes, the invalidate caches might cause an error. Try to restart your project. Click File -> Invalidate Caches/ Restart.

Step 2: Sync Project With Gradle Files

Sync your project with Gradle files sometimes solves your problem. Check out this way. Select File -> Sync Project with Gradle Files

Step 3: Delete Gradle-6.5 folder

It could be that Gradle-6.5 distribution was not downloaded properly. So, go to the following directory and delete Gradle-6.5.

C:/Users/Your Username/ .gradle/wrapper/dists/gradle-6.9.1-all

Restart your Android Studio, it will download the Gradle file again.

Step 4: Manually Install Gradle distribution

If the above solution did not work, try to install Gradle-6.5 Distribution manually. Here, is a procedure to do.

  1. Download the latest Gradle Distribution and extract the .zip under

C:/Users/Your Username/ .gradle/wrapper/dists/

2. File -> Settings…

3. Select Build, Execution,Deployment -> Gradle

4. Select your extracted gradle distribution location on “Gradle user home” and click apply and OK.

5. Now, the Android Studio will start to download the gradle file.

That’s it. I hope your problem is solved by one of these above process.

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