How do I change the name under apps that display in google play store?

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You have created your first app and published it successfully. But now you don’t like the name appear under the app? See the below screenshot image from google play store.

Here, I want to change my name “Geeta Regmi” into a different name that sounds more professional. For example: xyz software, ElseBazaar, Fast Software, and so on.

Now let’s start, what are the steps I need to go through to change the name?

Step 1:

Login your google play store console

Step 2:

Click on setting displaying at the left corner as below.

Step 3:

Now change the Developer name;

I changed from “Geeta Regmi” to “ElseBazaar”.

Your developer’s name won’t change straight away. Google needs to approve your developer’s name. So, after saved the new developer name, you will see the following message.

That’s it. You just need to wait a few days to get approved of your new developer name.

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