How do I remember my android app signing key?

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This is the question every new android developer asked mostly.

When you developed only one android app, it is very easy to remember your signing key but when you start building more and more android apps and you keep changing your signing key for every app you published, how do you remember the exact signing key to update your app. Without your previous signing key, you won’t be able to update your android app or you need to generate a new signing key again with new .apk which is not the right procedure.

Why don’t you find a solution where you can easily remember your app signing key?

Yes, there is a solution to remember your app signing key.

Let start from the beginning.

  1. Open your android app project, which you are currently on the development phase.
  2. Open tab File -> Project Structure
Android Project Structure

3. Select Modules

Android Modules from Project Structure

4. Click “Signing Configs” on right hand sides of modules.

5. Fill in the required forms

Signing Configs forms

Here, Store File is the file where you saved you .jks file after generate your app .apk file.

6. Click Apply and OK.

7. Now, your app signing configs values are added in build.gradle(Module:app). Open this file

8. See the file with signing configs

Now, if you forget your signing key, just open your build.gradle file and all required details are there. Isn’t it too easy and simple to use?

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