Where does my database store in Android Studio?

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This article explains to you where your project database store in android studio and how can you open your project database for testing purposes. It sounds hard, but when you follow my procedure, you will quickly learn to find out your android studio’s project database and can open it. You can figure out easily, whether your database is created or not, database table, and the columns and data are there or not. You need to find out things before you proceed ahead with your database project.

Let’s go step by step.

Step 1:

Run your android project either in real device or emulator, whichever you feel comfortable and keep working on.

Wait until the android virtual device runs properly.

Step 2:

Look at the bottom right corner of your android studio workspace. You will able to see “Device File Explore“.

Step 3:

Click on it and it will expand towards your workspace.

Device File Explorer Expand

Step 4:

Navigate to data -> data and expand it.

Step 5:

Open your recent android studio project which database you are looking.

android project database

Step 6:

Expand the database folder, you will able to see your database if created successfully while running an android emulator.

Step 7:

Right-click on your database and save your database file in your required location.

save android database

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